Cat's Claw

Cat's Claw

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Bottoms have described this tool as "mean and nasty." Tops say it's "too much fun," Whatever way you describe it, the Cat's Claw is ready and waiting to get the bottom's full attention. Not a single tail, not a tawse, used lightly it will feel like a whisper, used forcefully it WILL leave marks, if not cut the skin.


The first time I used it on an experienced bottom, I was amazed at how fast and with how little effort it brought him to his knees.





  • Overall Dimensions: 2" by 31"
  • 3 tails taper to narrow tips
  • High quality 3/16" thick Black Harness Leather
  • PaddleDaddy Pro Grip is 3 layers glued and screwed together then contoured for comfortable gripping