Barber Strap with Walnut Handle

Barber Strap with Walnut Handle

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Glued and stitched leather (1/4" or more total thickness) with Walnut handle


Unlike the classic Razor Strop which had both a leather and a cloth side plus a metal clip and strap for hanging, this strap is ready for use as a tool for punishment and/or encouragement. Made with two pieces of leather glued together back to back and stitched around the edge. Using the double layer of leather creates a strap that is quite firm when new, will limber up some with use, but will still retain a fair amount of stiffness resulting in a substantial impact.




  • Overall dimensions: 3" wide by 20" long
  • Leather strap: 13-1/4" long
  • Strap thickness: 1/4" to 5/16"
  • Leather strap securely fastened with Chicago screws
  • Furniture quality finish on handle
  • Grip Size: Small/Medium