Advanced 3" Soy/Paraffin Blend - Wax Play Pillar Candle

Advanced 3" Soy/Paraffin Blend - Wax Play Pillar Candle

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Custom Soy/Paraffin Blend. 
More convenient size.
Highest melt point.
Hottest sting...slowest heat dissipation.
Approx. 4.
5 oz. 

Approx. 3.5" tall.  Still larger than most play wax candles.  Lightly scented.  Medium melt point.  Extra thick wick.  Melts quickly.  Pours evenly.  Requires a sharp object or tool for removal. The rest will wash off in hot shower.

Available in our Signature Black Leather Jacket scent and other fine fragrances in a variety of colors.

Drip or pour on clean dry skin.  Mix and match colors to create a masterpiece. 

These are some of the best hot wax play candles available!  Washes off in hot shower.

Available in a variety of colors and scents including UNSCENTED (white). 

CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER.  All LeatherTyke Products candles are handmade.  Some are custom-made based on color and scent combination.  Please allow and extra 3-5 business days to custom create this product for shipment